Welcome to the Patient Network!

The Patient Network branch of The Zebra Network aims to provide unique and specialized support to patients with EDS, their families, caretakers and loved ones. These one-of-a-kind resources strive to achieve a level of support that is unavailable anywhere else; designed by patients, for patients. 

Patient Guide Book

Our Guide Book is being composed! Continue to check back for additions and updates!

We need your help... do you have tricks, tips or coping mechanisms that may be helpful to other patients coping with EDS on a daily basis? 

Patient-to-Patient Communication Group

Communicating with each other is key to forming a network of relationships with each other! 

We have integrated a closed board that allows you to freely discuss topics that you feel are important surrounding EDS.  

We kindly ask that you refrain from derogatory, judgmental or demeaning comments that may carry any negative connotations or implications. It should be assumed that all stated is in opinion and should not be taken as physician guided medical facts. (Medical professional supported information can be found in our Physician and Medical Professional Network!)

That being said, your opinions, thoughts and views are freely welcome and encouraged! Let's get talking!

Support Packages

It is a goal of The Zebra Network to be able to provide support packages to Zebras traveling to Maryland, and surrounding areas, for medical reasons. These may include medical products otherwise unattainable; useful every day items like neck pillows, ergogenic pens; hospital needs for patients and caretaker like blankets, small pillows; allergen friendly, EDS specific snacks and nutrients; and more!

Request a support package.

If you or someone you know will be traveling to Maryland and is in need of support, please email us directly at victoria@thezebranetwork.org so that we can help! While resources may be limited due to fluctuating availabilities, we will do our best to cater to your needs!

We are always looking for new ideas to include in our support packages. Do you have an idea for something we can include? Recommend products, ideas, and more, below!

Maryland Hospitals and Facilities

Staying in Maryland

Coming soon!