Welcome to the EDS Friendly Community Network!

The Community Network is comprised of partnerships and sponsorships between The Zebra Network and community groups, businesses, and medical professionals. With the relationships formed, we plan for this to be one the most beneficial aspect of The Network in terms of literal patient support. 

As the motto "it takes a village" explains, we need help from all aspects of the community to make our support successful. From medical organizations, national and international corporations, small businesses and experts from a variety of fields, we plan to weave together and form the Community Network within The Zebra Network.

Look for much more coming soon!

PHYSICIAN and Medical Professional Guide

State by state, Physician specialities, Adult or Pediatrics… finding a medical professional who is "EDS Friendly" can be incredibly difficult to find. We are here to help you navigate through those obstacles and get the medical care you deserve!

This page is currently under construction. We hope to have a guide coming to you soon!

RECOMMEND a Medical Professional

Do you know of a physical or medical professional who is "EDS Friendly"? Recommend them here! 

Community Services

Business & Corporation Network

Network Partners

Partners providing support of services to help run The Zebra Network:

Backpack Health

Care+Wear feature ultra-soft, antimicrobial PICC line covers and Port access shirts for youth and adults! Our members can use the code "ZebraNetwork17" for 10% off! 

Synchronicity Boutique, located in Pikesville, Maryland, is a special occasion clothing store dedicated to making every customer look and feel her best! Their sizes range from 000 to 30W and can match any style. Every customer is their most important customer!

We need your help! RECOMMEND an Organization, GRoup, Business or Corporation to Become a Partner.