The Story behind Warrior Glam Bags


It all started when...

Ashley Dixion is a 17-year-old with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (and a laundry list of co-morbidities) who has spent a majority of her life in and out of hospitals, spending months at a time away from home, but all the while dreaming of ways to make things better for other patients. 

"When you're stuck in the hospital and you don't feel well, it doesn't help if you don't look or feel like yourself - that's where make-up comes in."

Children's hospitals rarely have activities or prizes for tween and teenage children; the focus is typically on the younger children. Like any normal teenage girl, Ashley loves make up. During an 8 month stay bouncing between Children's National Hospital and the local Ronald McDonald House, she created the idea of Warrior Glam Bags

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.39.32 PM.png

Each bag can be filled with different types of make up, make up brushes, nail polish, mini facial cleansers and more - all new for sanitary and safety reasons. The idea is to help each girl feel more like herself by being able to experiment and play with the make up in these glam bags,  helping each girl show her beauty that lies within. 

"How a girl feels about herself is extremely important. There is always beauty that lies within an illness"

The success and viability of Warrior Glam Bags relies solely on donations. Both financial and in-kind donations are extremely appreciated!