Rays of Sunshine In-Kind Donations

Tax-deductible in-kind donations for the Rays of Sunshine and Warrior Glam Bag programs may include products for Warrior Glam Bags, new make up or make-up brushes, nail polish, mini facial cleansers and masks, new blankets, new pillows, crafts, beads, string, card making supplies, pens, markers, paints, canvases, bags, and more! 

You can also donate financially or with a gift card, too! 

How to Donate:

There are several ways to donate to the Rays of Sunshine and Warrior Glam Bag programs! 

  • Purchase items in store and ship them to The Zebra Network
  • Purchase items online and have them shipped directly to The Zebra Network mailing address (please note that if you choose this option, we ask you also send an email to victoria@thezebranetwork.org with your name, expected items, and address so that you can receive your tax deduction letter)
  • Financial donation made through The Zebra Network website, here
  • Gift Card donation shipped to The Zebra Network
  • Make arrangements with Marta Bota, Ed Reed, Chloe and Carissa Wildman, Victoria Graham or Ashley Dixion for drop off and delivery 

Donations being shipped should be sent to:

The Zebra Network

c/o Rays of Sunshine

2796 Brightside Drive

Manchester, Maryland 21102

In order to receive a tax deduction, we must have your name, mailing address, and estimated value of donation! 


For more information or to coordinate a donate, please contact us below or by emailing info@thezebranetwork.org

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How will you get the in-kind donation to The Zebra Network?

For questions, please email victoria@thezebranetwork.org