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Splints and Braces


Living with EDS: MY Braces and Splints

Christina describes some of the (many) braces and splints she must use to keep her body together. She explains why she may be wearing some braces one day, but not the next; why she prefers different styles and types of braces; and what part of the body she typically needs braces for. She, further, provides insight on how you may be able to explain your own situation to family and friends who are curious about your splints and braces. 

Products mentioned in the video include:

Tan Back Brace: 


Abdominal Binder:

SI Belt:

Aspen Vista Collar:

Aspen Vista TX:

Aspen Vista Multipost:

Philadelphia Collar:

Corflex Soft Collar:

Releaf Neck Rest:

Silver Ring Splints:

Oval 8 Splints:



Rejuvahealth Socks:

Vim&Vigr Socks:


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