The Zebra Chat @ Global Learning Conference

Photo by  Mike Boening

Photo by Mike Boening


Will you be attending the EDS GLobal Learning Conference in LAs Vegas?

If so, let's get together and meet up! The Zebra Network will be hosting a casual meet and greet to chat and bring everyone together! Our own founder, Victoria Graham, will be speaking and presenting at the conference and we want to gather all of our TZN Zebras together for a chat!

The Zebra Network is patient-focused, so we want to get to know YOU! We also plan to discuss new releases on TZN website, what our future looks like, and get your input on what we can improve upon. This will be a great time to expand our patient network and learn about each other. 

What days will you be at the conference? When are you free?

Day, time, and location of our chat will be dependent on when the majority of our group is available. Sign up and stay tuned for more details, coming soon!

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