Washington Open MRI

Washington Open MRI has 6 locations in Maryland, around the Washington, D.C. area 

Facilities in Rockville, Greenbelt, Oxon Hill, and Owings Mills feature high-field, weight bearing Open MRI. These may also be known as "sitting" or "stand up/standing" MRIs and may be very useful for medical practitioners looking to acquire a flexion and extension MRI. 

Open MRI

Open MRI

Open, weigh bearing MRI        ("standing" or "sitting" MRI)

Open, weigh bearing MRI        ("standing" or "sitting" MRI)

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   15005 Shady Grove Road, Suite 110

   Rockville, MD 20850

   PHONE: (301) 424-4888   FAX: (301) 424-5260

Chevy Chase

   5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 529

   Chevy Chase, MD 20815

   PHONE: (301) 656-6399   FAX: (301) 656-6765


   7399 Hanover Parkway

   Greenbelt, MD 20770

   PHONE: (301) 220-3003   FAX: (301) 441-8889

*Oxon Hill

   6196 Oxon Hill Road, Suite 110

   Oxon Hill, MD 20745

   PHONE: (301) 567-0986   FAX: (301) 567-3502


   9135 Piscataway Road, Suite 106

   Clinton, MD 20735

   PHONE: (301) 877-8800   FAX: (301) 567-3502

*Owings Mills

   25 Crossroads Drive, Suite 180

   Owings Mills, MD 21117

   PHONE: (410) 356-0343 FAX: (410) 356-3403

*Detonates a center with a high-field, weight bearing Open MRI

MRI testing almost always requires a prescription. 

To schedule an appointment, you may call 1-866-674-2727 or visit www.washingtonopenmri.com


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